What we do


Whether an organization ships just a few items per week or hundreds of orders per day, AEP’s extensive fulfillment capabilities and superior customer service, this is the most cost-effective solution. AEP Fulfillment supplies sundry items, custom amenity kits, and fulfillment services to the institutional, corporate, and businesses of all sizes. 

AEP Fulfillment will house inventory in our climate-controlled, professionally managed, and secure facility conveniently located in the Tri-Main Center. When orders are received, AEP will pick, pack and ship the product directly to your customer according to your specifications. AEP’s Inventory Management System can create customized reports, including real- time inventory status, sales orders details, returns and credits reports. 

Amenity Kits

AEP offers fully customizable personal hygiene kits at the right price. AEP can acquire any amenity item including travel sizes of hair care, shaving, dental, cold, analgesics and baby care for men, women and children  that you may need for your organization. Whether you are looking for a best selling national brand, a lesser known brand or a mix of both, AEP can supply you with what you need.  We can offer you competitive pricing with outstanding service.  pppperer

Personal Care Products

AEP has their own line of Personal Care Products, Homefront. This line features products such as lip balm , soap, thermal underwear, muscle rub, sunscreen and many more.